01 October 2008

Hippo Sighting 2

It's bigger and better than last time!

One night last week we went for sunset drinks and snacks at a popular waterfront hippo-watching spot, Circle Nautique. We saw a lot of birds and bugs but no hippos. Last night we tried a different spot, Ubuntu Residence. We got one of the small tables along the road. Trafficky, but worth it for the view of the lake and the giant hippo that wallowed there munching for nearly as long as we sat there munching, too. This thing was huge! It kept going underwater and resurfacing, each time a little closer. It looked big when it was far out. By its third resurface we could tell it was gigantic. He opened his mouth wide a couple times. He was close enough we could see the silouette of his little ears. It was so cool. Dinner wasn't that great, but at least we had a magnificent hippo sighting.

In other animal news, there's a new noise outside our house in the evenings. It's a very loud frog or toad sound. I've seen some large toads hopping around, but this sound is so loud I expect to see a guy in a frog costume standing in our driveway yelling "Rawk! Rawk!" into a megaphone.

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