08 October 2008

Voting and Stuff

Something I've been sweating for a while now: our absentee ballots. We applied for them within seconds of arriving in Bujumbura back in August. They finally arrived today! Who knows if they'll make it back to the U.S. in time for the election, but I'm going to fill mine out today and mail it back. No one can say I didn't try. There's a failsafe though. If you're living overseas and your local ballot doesn't arrive, you can write-in your vote for president to be counted in the federal election. (For more info go here.)

We did not wake up at 3:00 am this morning to watch the debate but we're going to try and go home for an early lunch to watch the re-run of it this morning. We get CNN International, which keeps us up to speed with the elections and all the terrible financial news. Did you know banks are failing all over the world? I don't know what regular CNN reports, but on International it's all England, Iceland, the Netherlands. What do these little countries do when the banks that are failing need more money than the country's GDP? The governments don't have enough money to bail them out.

In fun news: Photos! We went to a national preserve and saw hippos napping in the river. It was too rainy for crocodiles though. Maybe next time.

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Victoria said...

all over the world and yet it barely is a blip here. We are so involved in ourselves only and it's just the US market we here about unless you watch BBC America at night...


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