10 October 2008

Mmm, it smells like Rhode Island

The shipment of nonperishable food that we packed up and sent in the beginning of August arrived yesterday. Yay! We were getting low on some supplies and had been putting off ordering more knowing this huge shipment would be arriving soon. We received a big bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee that I tore into this morning. I love Peets, but DD smells like home. We also have a gallon of coffee syrup.

I've been touring hospitals here this week. I hope I don't need serious medical attention any time soon. Doctors are optimistic that the ICU equipment will be arriving in a few weeks. There are no elevators or ramps. Stretchers get dragged up two or three flights of stairs if the patient can't walk. At one clinic, the doctor proudly pointed out the "fortress"-like construction of the building, a big square with all the windows facing a courtyard in the center rather than having windows facing the street. That way if there's a blast, glass won't go flying into the clinic. Things we don't really think about in the U.S.

I also visited the top three European schools in the city this week and if I had kids I'd send them to any of them in a heartbeat. I was pleasantly surprised with the facilities and quality of education. Of course, only the most well-to-do can afford to send their kids there, but there's still a huge mix of children there. They have over 20 nationalities represented at each school. The kids get a well-rounded education just from being exposed to so many different kinds of people. One school is all English with French as a second language; one is all French with English as a second language; and one is 50/50 French and English, but it currently only goes up to 2nd grade.

Yay long weekend and Mike's birthday!

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Diane H K said...

Lawdamercy, do not tell me you shipped an entire gallon of Autocrat over to Africa!!!

A friend of mine just moved from Arizona to RI and all she can talk about now is Autocrat coffee syrup. It's so cute! Oh, and the gossipy ladies in the knitting circle that meet in the town library. Welcome to New England...


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