16 December 2008

A Taste of Burundi for You

There are a lot of rumors brewing about the coffee here in Burundi. We were told it was some of the best in the world, and we were psyched to try it. But when we got here we were disappointed and couldn't wait until our Peets from California arrived. We think the "good" coffee gets exported while the cheap stuff stays on the shelves here.

I've discovered where the good coffee goes: Burundi: Starbucks Now Sells Locally-Grown Coffee. I'm curious to know who can find Burundian coffee at their local Starbucks. Let me know if you see it! I'm also curious to know once and for all how it tastes compared to what we can buy here. Mom, if you're reading this, send me a bag. :) (OMG I'm living in Burundi, having my Burundian coffee imported from the United States! I'm a big carbon footprint loser.)


Anonymous said...

Stephanie. You are right. We had the same problem in ZImbabwe. Everything good go exported to earn foreign currency.

Derien said...

Apparently all the good Maine potatoes get shipped out of state by the big farms, as the only place you can find good locally grown potatoes is when you buy direct from the small farmer at the farmer's market.