16 December 2008

Two Things

1. Mike and I had our first tennis lesson on Sunday. The instructor said we both did quite well for complete beginners. He moved us on to the backhand right away since we both had good forehands.

My extendors are a little out of shape, though, leaving my arm a bit shaky. Now it's just a tad sore. But we're excited to continue with lessons. We think it will be a good activity for the two of us to do together. It's somewhat self-contained, we can do it any time, and there are tennis courts all over the world.

2. Yesterday we visited the two orphanages that we'll be donating Christmas toys to. Oh, those kids are so adorable and heart-breaking. I wanted to take them all home with me. They walk right up and take your hand and say Bonjour. Comment t'appelle tu? Je m'appelle... ("Hello. What's your name? My name is...") They know how to get themselves loved.

1 comment:

Diane H K said...

"They know how to get themselves loved."

Yeah, I guess so! Especially when they use the familiar form when asking your name.

I'd end up taking them all home, definitely. Not sure they'd like the snow and cold, though...!