27 January 2009

Full House

It's been fun playing host to our cyclists. We've offered up the best accomodations they've had so far and they don't seem in a huge hurry to get back on the road (except that they're a tad behind schedule, but isn't everyone in Africa?). Beds. Peanut butter. A washing machine that's not only free, but our housekeeper will do the laundry too. All this could be yours, too, if you visited us in Buj.

I was mistaken in my previous post when I said two of them were school teachers. Their organization works with schools, but the folks on the road are not professional teachers. The organization puts education grad students in the inner-city Chicago classrooms to help teach the students and the teachers how to use the computer and internet resources with the information the bikers send back through their website. It's a training program for the students, the teachers, and the student teachers. Everyone learns something! The more I learn about the program, the cooler it sounds.

However, I'm tired from all the socializing. Whenever new people are in town, everyone pounces and you have endless drinks and dinners. I've skipped working out two days in a row and I really have to get back on my feet. Nothing fancy for me tonight. I asked our cook to make pesto and I really hope he does. I just want pasta and water and a quiet movie at home so I can get up and run tomorrow morning.

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