26 January 2009

Reach the World -- Bike Africa

Something to break up the monotony this week -- we have houseguests! Mike and I are hosting two of the four cyclists from the Reach the World Bike Africa program as they pass through Bujumbura. Two of the cyclists are elementary school teachers in Chicago and they're sending reports back their classes as they bike from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt. Due to an accident in Tanzania, they're taking a slight detour through Burundi and Rwanda. (All the riders are fine, but one of the bikes was run over by a truck.) Luckily there's a bike workshop at our house and Mike was able to get the bike moving again.

You can check out their website (geared for elementary-aged children) here: http://www.reachtheworld.org/journey/bikeafrica

Please share it with the kids you know! As word spreads, many classrooms across the U.S. are checking in on the cyclists.

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