05 February 2009

Welcome to the 21st Century

After two weeks of watching a guy walk around our house, walk around our property, drive away, come back with some other guys to walk around, drive away again and return with a giant metal rod sticking out the back window of the car that was eventually bolted to our roof, we have the internet in our house. And wouldn't you know it, today is a Burundian holiday, so we have the whole day off to sit at home and revel in this novelty.

We're telling ourselves it's okay to be lazy today. It's a holiday. We're going to be leaving very soon to spend 2 weeks in the wilderness. We can spend a day doing nothing. 

(And it's not entirely a day of nothing. I played tennis this morning with a friend and then Mike spent a couple hours hitting against the ball machine. Then we ate tacos. That must count for something, right?)

Seriously, this internet antenna looks like salvage from a Russian satellite. Or maybe a Marconi tower.

**I forgot to mention that yesterday we made our very first Skype call. It was to my dad. It was so awesome! I can't believe we can talk across the oceans for free. 

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