08 February 2009

What have I gotten myself in to?

I'm nearly all packed up. Seeing all the gear laid out at once made me a tad panicky. What the hell am I going to do with all this stuff? And why am I going to do it? At freezing temperatures on the side of a ridiculously high mountain? Gaiters, first-aid kits, hand warmers, trekking poles, mittens, mitten liners, extra socks, snack bars,... it's all piling up. Then factor in trying to fit all this stuff into the new airline baggage weight requirements. It seems like an impossible puzzle.

My four (4) jackets: wool, fleece, down, and gortex. And I decided to stuff them all into my carry-on, just in case.

I told my mom last night my mantra is "Thinking bee! Thinking bee!" It started yesterday with trying to pack. It will continue until I get to the top of the mountain.

Brief panic again this morning when our ride to the airport showed up. Huh? We're supposed to leave tomorrow morning. The tickets are right, right? Right? We hope so. We don't have them. The guy from Mike's office who handles travel and was supposed to arrange our ride to the airport has them. I guess if they're wrong, he'll handle that too. Oddly, that's something I'm not even worried about right now. 

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Diane H K said...

Best of luck! You'll have an awesome time. Smooth trails to you.


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