11 March 2009

Hardly Worth Reading

I had a decent post all worked out, done during some slow moments at work, but of course, since this is Burundi, the network went down and I couldn't email my post notes to myself to work on at home. Plus, now, I've been at Book Club and have had a bit of wine, so I can't recraft the post.

I like reading, and I enjoy the people at Book Club, and in theory I enjoy Book Club, but why does it always seem like such a chore? Once I come home I realize I've had a good time, but there's something about the label "book club" that's off-putting.

More on this later. It's time for bed.


Victoria said...

I completely agree. We just started one in our 'hood here and while we've all read the first book we keep putting off the meeting. It's maddening.

I'm going to send them this post!

Stephanie said...

I committed to hosting the first meeting, so I could sort of set the rules. And that let me off the hook for hosting for another few months.

good luck! What did you read?


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