13 March 2009

Harry Potter and the Land of No Movies

There's one thing I'm really jonsin' about this year. I'm going to miss the new Harry Potter movie this summer. I've seriously been thinking about a July vacation in the United States or Europe just so I can see the movie (we have no other reason to take a vacation in July; in fact, Mike can't take a vacation at all until September). I've loved all the Harry Potter movies and there have been no other films in recent years that I've really wanted to see right away.

But Burundi has one movie theater, and the movies are almost exclusively shown in French. Maybe two or three times a year they'll show an English-language film (and so far they haven't been ones I've wanted to see). Since I really can't afford a vacation just to fly home and watch a movie here's my plan B: Befriend the guy at the theater who orders the films and lobby for an English-language showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It's starting to work already! Mike works with the brother of the theater manager. The manager and I have exchanged emails. I just have to convince him that there are enough English-speaking Harry Potter fans here to warrant this being one of his few selections this year.

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Baguio Insider said...

Oh wow, some of us take what we have for granted! We used to lament in the Philippines how some blockbuster movies used to be shown in theaters here much later than in other "more developed" countries. Hence there's a thriving movie piracy business going on in my country (a main source of income for Muslims who migrate to the cities, with the items coming from China or even Malaysia)

To combat piracy, finally the movie industry has realized that it is better for them to have a world wide premiere and showing of the movies. If I am not mistaken, it started here with Harry Potter (not even with Star Wars Episode 1).

As for Harry Potter, the movies are great but I'm sure you will agree that the books better than the movies. We get to know the characters better through the books.

When Burundi does catch up with the world's materialism, then you will look back fondly to the past when there was only one theater showing French movies...

That's how I feel about the Philippines now with malls, and theater complexes and so much commercialism that we no longer appreciate the simpler things in life.

I am of course commiserating with you from far away, in an effort to make you feel better. :)


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