01 August 2009

Let's go topless

We finally have our truck up and running. And there are a few weeks left in the dry season so we can drive around with the cap off. It's so much fun! We get a lot of stares on the road; I think Burundians are not used to seeing muzungus drive such a beat-up, open-air vehicle. We also get waves and smiles.

Having an open-air car is like being in San Diego again. We surprisingly saw a Cabriolet last weekend that looked to be about the same year as mine was, maybe even older. I had actual pangs of homesickness for San Diego at the sight of that little car. The guy driving it looked so happy. There are a handful of VW Golfs and GTIs here, but I haven't seen any other convertible car. (As much fun as a convertible is in the dry season, it's just not practical for the rainy season unless you have a garage or carport, and almost no one does.)

Now, we're not in a Cabriolet, but we think our truck has tons of character. We are so happy to drive in the sun and the wind.

I feel I should note that we keep pepper spray within easy reach, because there is the possibility that someone will try to jump in. We also never have anything valuable in the car unless it can be hidden under my feet while Mike's driving. However, given all that, there are neighborhoods in the United States that I wouldn't drive through with the top open, either, for the same safety concerns. We are fun loving, but we aren't stupid.

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