29 November 2009

Just holes in the roof

That's not exactly what I want to hear during the rainy season.

I was cleaning up in the guest bathroom yesterday when I saw a patch of sun on the wall that I'd never noticed before. Between the unusually brilliant sunshine, a series of open doors and curtains, and two hanging mirrors between the front door and the bathroom I thought it wasn't impossible that the sun was coming in through the front door and somehow being reflected on the bathroom wall. 

Out of curiosity I tried tracing the beam of light from the wall back to the door. As many curtains and doors as I closed and as many overhead lights as I turned off, I couldn't make the patch of light disappear. When Mike walked by after a few minutes of my fruitless investigation I asked him if he thought he knew where the patch of light was coming from. 

"Holes in the roof. I didn't mention it sooner because it hasn't started raining in through the ceiling yet."

I looked up to the bathroom ceiling, and sure enough, I could see several bits of light up above me. The ceiling is made up of what I thought was strips of dark wood and light wood, but apparently the "dark wood" is actually some kind of screen or cloth. When it's brilliantly sunny outside, you can look right up through screen to the roof.

But Mike's right. For whatever reason, it's not actually raining through the ceiling.

In other news, the turkeys were delivered about 10 minutes after we arrived home from dinner on Thursday. Still frozen, so we can use them later.

Also, in two days we're taking off for a mini-vacation in Kenya, where we'll be meeting up with some of Mike's family. We haven't seen any family members in over a year.

Oh, and we finally got our haircuts.

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NicoleB Egypt said...

What's that?

And holes in the roof in the rainy season....sounds like a small adventure ;)

Isn't Expat Life a lot of fun?

Well, have fun seeing your relatives!

(Found you via twitter)


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