09 December 2009

Quiet Time

I was thinking of going running this morning but when I woke up, and no one else was awake, I decided to indulge in quiet-time morning activities like drinking coffee and watching CNN sans commentary. We have family visiting us here and while I think everyone's having a good time, this country is starting to feel small.

It's been fun showing off Africa to people who have never been here before, people who have only heard our stories and seen our photos. We started in Nairobi, which to us is the big city. While we marveled over bookstores--with English-language books even!--and elevators and coffeeshops, others worried about pushy craft and safari vendors and overpriced taxis. I impressed all with my bargaining skills at a market. I'd seen something in a shop for 6,500 shillings (about $85), and at this little craft market the vendor opened negotiations with a bargain price of 6,000. I talked him down to 2,000 (about $25). I probably still overpaid, but at least I played the game and didn't overpay too grossly. It was something I really wanted and the only souvenir I bought on the whole trip. And it gave Mike's mom a good story to tell her friends back home.

Now we're at our home in Buj hoping that when folks say they really do enjoy all the doing of nothing that gets done around here, they mean it.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Hey! I was awake--I just went out biking!

Thanks for the coffee, though!


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