02 January 2010

The Year Ahead

No year-end recaps for me. This was one of the most stable years we've had in a long time in that we lived at one address for the entire thing. When we leave Bujumbura this summer, almost 2 years to the day we arrived, I think it will be the record for the longest amount of time we've spent in one abode. (I hesitate to say "house" because we've had so many apartments and hotel rooms along the way.)

Forget about a decade recap. My head hurts trying to list all the places I've lived in the last ten years, let alone jobs I've had and other stuff that's happened.

We are ringing in the new year by resting. As usual for us after a busy period (trip to Kenya, family visiting, and then Christmas) we are feeling flu-ish. We have a busy year ahead of us, what with moving from Africa to India and planning to spend some time in the States. Also, I'll be losing my job when we leave here and will have to find another one when we get to India. Plus I registered for an online master's program starting in March. So I think we deserve a low-key, do-nothing new year's long weekend to build up our strength for the rest of the year. 

Regular blogging will resume soon, both here and at What I Eat. I have lots to say. I just need the energy to type it all out.


Donna said...

You sound busy. What is it about moving? Just thinking about it is exhausting. We'll be moving this summer, too, and I'll have to start over in a new place, looking for a new job. I am NOT looking forward to packout! (tho I'd love to know where we'll be going...)

Jen said...

We realized after leaving Iceland that it was the longest we had lived anywhere since high school, exactly three years and two days. Craziness. Good luck with the move! We still don't have a final locale and I am going nuts about that...my fault, though, I just can't make up my mind.

Alexis Grant said...

Hey -- Glad to find another traveler writing a memoir based on her blog! Looking forward to connecting with you on our Ning group. And subscribed to your blog!

Happy New Year!


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