03 February 2010


Yes, we've been on vacation. We've been doing our part to keep the economy afloat by shopping at Target and eating at Uno's. We've been enjoying staying in our old neighborhood, although we could do without all the chatty people in the breakfast room each morning. We've loved seeing friends. I'm not loving the relatively chilly temperatures. (I know it's one of the warmest spots in the United States right now, but forgive me. I live on the equator. To me, it's chilly here.)

We thought about buying a house, but the stars are not aligned in our favor at this time. Maybe over summer vacation.

We've been buying new clothes instead of doing laundry. We bought several pounds of chocolate chips. I got my Mac fixed, somewhat. We love high-speed American internet. We don't love all the commercials on the radio and television.

We've taken care of some doctors' appointments -- all healthy. Mike's been indulging in my Pizza Safari, as I sample gluten-free pizzas throughout California. We're eating our favorite Mexican foods and sushi. We've probably gained a few pounds in tamale weight alone.

On Sunday we begin our thirty-hour trek back to the Buj, away from Peets and Starbucks. I'm not looking forward to all those long flights and long layovers. But I miss the cat and I miss being back at the home base.


Deidre said...

Aw, enjoy the states! how is the gluten free pizza in CA?

Safe travels!

Stephanie said...

If you're ever anywhere near Doughboy's Pizzeria in Grover Beach, near Pismo, you must go there. One of the best pizzas I've ever had, gf or otherwise. I'll be posting reviews at my other blog over the next couple weeks: http://stephaniefood.blogspot.com/

Cara Lopez Lee said...

Mmmm, tamales! But gluten-free pizza? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Was the dough, you know, doughy enough?

Glad you got your Mac fixed, so you can more easily maintain your connection to the rest of the world... and so I can keep Burundi on my traveler's radar. Hope your journey home was safe.

A Daring Adventure said...

Hey Stephanie!

Hope all is well there - I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED your latest article that you put the link to.

My husband and I have been taking Spanish through the distance learning class at FSI - this is our second semester - so I stole a screenshot of your article (hope that's okay!) and blogged about our experiences with our class. We're really grateful that FSI has these sorts of opportunities available and your article is great because I know that some folks haven't heard that FSI has these courses available!

Stephanie said...

We finally made it home, about 12 hours later than planned.

Cara, some pizzas were better than others. I'm still working on my reviews of them. The tamales were so awesome of course and we had some amazing enchiladas at a place in Berkeley.

Kolbi, I'm glad you liked the article. No problem that you took a screen shot.


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