13 February 2010

In need of the three-day weekend

It's been a rough couple of days. I hate to say they've been bad days, because in general life is pretty good. We're not having earthquakes or blizzards or anything like that. Maybe I'm just having trouble adjusting to being home rather being on vacation.

We got back on Tuesday afternoon, twelve hours after our scheduled arrival time on Monday night. Our luggage followed about twenty-four hours later -- which is actually a pretty good record for Kenya Airways. Jetlag and fatigue kept me from working a full day on Wednesday, but I at least sorted through over two weeks' worth of emails, even if I didn't respond to them all. Thursday was somehow one of the most productive days I'd had at work in months.

But by Friday I was crashing again. Just a series of unfortunate events, you could say. I woke up in a panic because I'm having trouble finding a place to rent while we're home for the summer and the internet was down so I couldn't go online and scrutinize rental listings. I pretty much had a meltdown and got irrationally mad at Mike for no reason. Then I accidentally cut myself on a super-sharp Wusthof kitchen knife. Luckily Mike was able to butterfly bandage it, so now it's healing nicely and I won't need stitches. I just have to avoid infection. After that I found out that the satellite service won't be broadcasting any of the Olympics except for a daily one-hour highlight show. This is a real disappointment, because I love the Olympics. With the Summer Olympics they had about five different channels going twenty-four hours a day. You saw all the sports and countries that aren't generally shown in the United States. It was awesome. But thanks to NBC's propriety broadcasting, I haven't even seen a glimpse of the Opening Ceremonies. (The internet connection isn't good enough to stream any of it, so don't bother suggesting it.)

Plus it was ridiculously hot and humid yesterday. I know, I know, I complained of being chilly in California. But it wasn't just me noticing it yesterday. Several people commented that it was definitely warmer than usual, especially in the evening. Even with the air conditioner on as high as possible, I still tossed and turned all night being too warm.

Mike made excellent coffee and pancakes this morning. But he also accidentally set off the house alarm while I was dozing.

I'm really looking forward to this three-day weekend to recover from my vacation and my first week back home.

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msd7y said...

Yeah, sorry about that alarm


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