18 March 2010


If you see that the banner over there to the right says "If you love this blogger, take the survey," please click on it and take the survey, even if you just like me a little bit. I certainly don't make millions from my ads, but I'm hoping to fund a few Dunkin' Donuts trips while I'm unemployed in Rhode Island this summer. Thank you!


A Daring Adventure said...

Hey Steph!

I tried to take the survey, but there wasn't any button to push! The only Blogher thingee on the side was something about joining the conversation of moms. I clicked on that, but even that wasn't a survey!

I'll try later...

Stephanie said...

Sorry about that! They want people to take the survey, but then change the ad. (Maybe a good comment, somewhere in the survey.)

Jen said...

It might be me (it's probably me), but I couldn't find the survey. Will gladly take if it pops back up (or my eyes improve, more likely :-)


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