25 June 2010

I Admit, I Forgot

We both forgot. Five years ago Tuesday we had our legal marriage in San Diego when Mike got his job offer. And three years ago today we had our big family wedding in Berkeley.

Here's to all the adventures we've had and the many that are still to come!


Daniela Swider said...

Congrats! So happy for you guys!!!

A Daring Adventure said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I adore wedding pictures. :)

Jen said...

At Tilden no less...I must say, we do miss Cali! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Bfiles said...

happy anniversary! here's to many more.

Victoria said...

Happy Anniversary and you are both so very welcome. :) Heh.

Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone! Especially Vicky.

(Vicky and her husband set up Mike and me on a blind date in December 2001 and we've been together ever since.)


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