23 August 2010

Family Planning

As in, how do we plan to get our family from Rhode Island to Washington, D.C., in two weeks? Coordinating trips like this seemed hard enough when it was just Mike, me, and a cat or two. Now we have a baby and all the baby stuff (plus one cat). The car seat alone takes up so much room in the car -- valuable real estate that previously went toward suitcases and cat carriers. And not only do we have to solve the problem of where all our stuff goes, but there's the little issue of babies needing to eat every once in a while. Mike and I can grab some cheese sticks and coffee and power through a drive. But the baby's not old enough for cheese sticks yet, so that won't work.

Despite not looking forward to the drive, I am looking forward to spending the fall in Washington. I've grown to enjoy a furnished apartment next to a metro stop, at least for short-term living. We'll be in a neighborhood I'm familiar with, walking distance to coffee shops, grocery stores, and some of our favorite restaurants. Favorite restaurants that deliver, which is such a nice, big-city convenience.

I'm also looking forward to all my time with the baby. Right now I still consider myself on vacation/maternity leave, but once we get to Washington I'll feel officially unemployed. It's the first time in my adult life that I won't have any sort of employment, and I'm planning on not working for a while. I don't even have any freelance projects in the pipeline and don't know when I'll start sniffing around for more. And because of our crazy schedule in advance of moving to India, I won't be going back to my online courses right away, either. Being a mom will keep me busy enough.

Argh. Just let me get to Washington. I don't have the energy to worry about moving to India quite yet.


Denise said...

Hi Stephanie,
If you get to DC and want to get together, let me know :) We can talk DS or kids or anticipation of India/Bangladesh... if you get the time and would like. We'll be here until October.

Brgds, Denise

Jen said...

Good luck with the trip! Just an FYI, if you are interested, there is an AAFSW playgroup that meets weekly..I know SB is a bit young, but sometimes just nice to meet up w/other FS folks (though guessing you will do that anyway :-)

Also, give a shout if you ever just want to meet up for a coffee or whatever, we aren't that far away....safe travels!

Victoria said...

And of course you can come and visit my brood. Because at this point that is what I have. Yeesh. Or a bunch of screaming banshees depending on the time of day it is. Can't wait to see you!!


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