01 September 2010

Another Packout

Hooray! We recently found out that we are authorized another small packout from our vacation location in Rhode Island to Mike's training location in D.C. This solves our problem of how to get everything to D.C. But it also means quite a bit of work in figuring out what to put in this shipment and what will fit in the car. (Our previous plan was to rent a trailer and shove everything in without thinking about it too much.) We've had a rough couple of nights with the baby, but with movers arriving on Friday morning -- hopefully well ahead of any hurricanes that may be headed our way -- we are powering through the organization of crap.

As it's the last week of summer vacation, we're also trying to do all the summery things one last time, plus visit as many people as possible since they won't see Sophie for a while.

And we're doing it all during a heatwave and impending hurricane. Yay summer!

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