07 November 2010

First Impressions of Hyderabad

It's not the poverty-stricken India you see in movies, but you can tell the poverty is nearby, just under the surface. It's a big city, so quite a change from Bujumbura, but more orderly and clean than I expected. The traffic sounds aren't bothering me as much as I thought they might, even though they are pretty constant throughout the day and night.

We saw a cow in the road actually crossing at a crosswalk.

The signs are not succinct. I saw the familiar "Children at Play" image, but accompanied by the text, "Stop and Kindly Look, Then Proceed."

I'm totally confused by the twisty roads and by driving on the left-hand side. I'll be making good use of our driver.

Indians aren't afraid to show affection for any baby they see. Muffin's cheeks have been pinched by more strangers in the last few days than the entire previous three months of her life.

The red meat is lamb and sometimes goat.

The papayas are better here than in Bujumbura. It's not mango season yet, but we've heard they're pretty spectacular.

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