07 November 2010

We arrive and the celebrating commences

It was really nice of Hyderabad to have these all-night-long fireworks displays in honor of our arrival. Oh, no, that's not really all for us. We arrived during the Diwali festivial, which is apparently celebrated with quiet family dinners followed by several hours of fireworks from every rooftop in the city. It's actually kind of pretty and would be fun if I weren't so tired from traveling. The Muffin is the only one sleeping through the night, miraculously. (The Diwali decorations are like tacky Christmas decorations so I want to go to one of the bazaars and buy some since I doubt our Christmas decorations will arrive in time.)

We arrived in Delhi late Thursday night and spent all day Friday sleeping in our hotel before our flight to Hyderabad. Because of the holiday, few people were traveling on Friday and most of the H'bad flights were cancelled, ours included. Luckily they kept one going, with all of about ten people on it, which we were able to get on. We really didn't want to spend another night and day in Delhi. We'd been on the road since Monday and we were anxious to start getting settled in a home.

Fireworks and jetlag kept me up on Friday, but Muffin slept through all the madness. Last night I slept a little better. We know how this works. Every day will get a little easier. Thank goodness Muffin has dealt with the stress of traveling by sleeping. It certainly makes the transition easier for Mike and me.

We are temporarily in a furnished apartment until our permanent house is ready. It's hard, wanting to get settled in and unpacked, but knowing we'll be packing up and moving yet again in three weeks or so. The apartment is nice, though, and they bring us breakfast every morning, our choice of Western (omelette and toast) or South Asian (rice pancakes with sweet jelly or savory sauces) and fresh fruit.

Mike starts work tomorrow and I start working with a new housekeeper. I need to figure out how to describe the gluten-free diet to her, she speaking little English and me speaking none of any of the local languages. I'm tired just thinking about it.


Cara Lopez Lee said...

Glad you arrived safely. Wish I could sleep while traveling, too. Maybe her body position is not as affected by those rigid seats? I once stretched across three seats on a plane, and I actually did sleep.

Good luck explaining gluten-free to the housekeeper. Contemplating that one will keep me smiling all day. Sorry it's at your expense. :)

RunrGurl26 said...

Hey Girl - Becky (Haberek) Burke and I were just wondering about you and where you were heading next. I bet you'll be spouting off the lingo in no time flat. Hang in there until then and I'll be praying for / thinking of you.

RunrGurl26 said...

Hey Girl! Beck Haberek Burke and I were running together this weekend and we were wondering where you were headed next. Then I see this post! Glad you arrived safely and Muffin is reacting well. I bet you'll be spouting the gluten free lingo in no time flat. Until then, hang in there and I'll be thinking of /praying for you. :)


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