04 February 2011

We Have a Car!

Finally, after months of waiting to see what would happen with the tangle of Indian government bureaucracy, our car arrived this afternoon. It was filthy and had no gas in it, but it had a new battery, good tires, and a recent oil change. We've had a driver since November and I turned the keys over to him immediately to get the car washed and filled with gas. Tomorrow we'll be going out to lunch in our own car. We can install Sophie's car seat and not have to lug it around between borrowed vehicles anymore. I can just walk outside and say "Mohammed, please take me to ... grocery store, fabric store, craft store, etc." any time I want to without making arrangements with a dozen other people around Sophie's naps. This is a huge deal for me.


Daniela Swider said...

Yey! It was about time!

Linsey said...



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