04 June 2011

Mango Fest 2011

Today we went to the Department of Agriculture's Mango Show 2011 exhibition. Over two hundred varieties of mango (who knew there were so many?) from all over India were on display. But of course, who wanted to look at mangoes once the little white baby showed up?

Our whole group of friends was big news. Literally. There was press from the local news channels there and they were all interested in getting us to eat mangoes on camera. The vendors have apparently learned that the best way to sell mangoes is to offer free tastings (two years ago, friends report, there was not a single mango to taste at Mango Fest) but some would only offer tastings if they could take photos, too.

Muffin was happy to oblige!

A friend and I remarked that it was actually one of the cleaner, more-organized events we've seen in India. We were early so it wasn't crowded. It was small, and they should have been selling the recycled burlap-bag shopping sacks at the entrance--to fill up with your mango purchases--rather than on the way out, but it was entirely manageable with Muffin. And we came home with a sack full of mangoes to eat! I've been disappointed with the mangoes this season but the offerings from Mango Fest were terrific.

For those in the area Mango Show 2011 is at the Nampally Exhibition Grounds and allegedly runs through Monday. Our friend who was trying to organize the trip had trouble finding out exactly what time and days the exhibition was occurring. India could use some professional promoters for things like this. It's so hard to find out when events are going on.


Cara Lopez Lee said...

My mouth is watering for ripe mangoes. It sounds like a wonderful day, and Muffin looks adorable trying to chomp down on that giant slice. I think that sweet face would attract attention anywhere, though I've seen the instant celebrity of white skin in dark-skinned countries. I was just thinking that your daughter is going to grow up with a wide-open worldview and adaptability - what a gift for her.

The image of the festival folks handing you bags on the way out instead of on the way in will give me a chuckle as I carry my bag through our farmer's market today.

Smallbits said...

What a cool event. You make me want to bid there sometime. I love the pics of your little one. She is so cute.

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