09 June 2011

Travel Photo Friday: Joshua Tree National Park, California

From the archives:

Joshua Tree National Park, California, June 2005

When Mike and I first met he was living in Twentynine Palms and I was in San Diego. His house was close to one of the Joshua Tree entrances. We spent a lot of time in the park, even after he joined me in San Diego. This was our last trip there, just a couple weeks before we moved from San Diego. A friend of ours from Germany went with us; he took these photos.

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Sonja said...

I love Joshua Tree in the spring (before it gets too hot.) Some of the rock formations there just look other-worldly. My kids love to climb them!

Sophie's World said...

Very cool name for a park. Looks like an interesting one to explore.

Stephanie said...

Sonja, now that we have our own little climber I hope to get back there with her.

Sophie, I think it's named that because the region is the only habitat where the joshua trees grow. It's definitely a fun park, with trails ranging from easy family walks to difficult rock climbing.