30 September 2011

Travel Photo Friday: Bangkok, Thailand

Recently Mike had to go to Bangkok for about three hours' worth of work. We decided to turn the trip into a long weekend for the family.

We loved Bangkok. It's a big, modern, clean city but it also has some of the charming things we like about India. The food was great. The people were friendly. There's an easy train system (much cleaner than Metro and BART!). It's kid-friendly, but not particularly stroller-friendly. No worries for Muffin though. She just started walking, so while she tolerated the stroller for getting through the airport, she was anxious to try out her new skills to the delight of everyone who saw her.

Lumpini Park, which is a nice place for a stroll; we were surprised by the number of people out jogging.

You have to share the park with the local water monitors. Related to komodo dragons, but less poisonous.

Walking in the park.

Outside Central department store, where there's a fabulous grocery store with hot and cold food bars, and a Sanrio store.

Water taxi.

Asleep on the water taxi.

Family tuk-tuk ride.

Yum! Pork on a stick.

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kerry dexter said...

great shots! glad you enjoyed Bangkok.

Marina K. Villatoro said...

Great to see your baby gives you a chance to expereince water taxis and boats. My 1 year old, can only handle it for about 10 minutes before he wants to dive in.

However, my 7 year old would love the lizard in the street!

Lisa said...

Great photos - I'm not sure I could have a relaxing walk in the park with those water monitors around though!

Jen said...

So I might have a little panic attack if I came across that water monitor! It looks like you guys had fun!

The Expat Wife said...

Oh this is a great post to me as i have never been to bangkok but moving there in December


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