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India and I Are Friends Again

After a rough few days, India redeemed itself to me. Last Wednesday night we got a babysitter so Mike and I could go out and we had one of the more fun times I've had in a while.

We stopped at the Mango Mela and bought 7 kilos of mangoes for about 6 or 7 dollars.

We went to the mechanic who's working on Mike's motorcycle. It was just after sundown. We were in the Old City standing on the side of the road drinking chai. It must have been an auspicious day for marriage because we saw at least four wedding bands marching through the streets. One of them was headed to the temple around the corner from the mechanic's shop so I stood on the corner and watched. As I waited for the band to go by I looked up and saw a group of bats fly overhead. I thought of "Giant vampire bats," from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The Old City was so busy with the hustle and bustle of evening business that, dressed in my khurta, I could stand in the middle of it all and be ne…

There Was a Naked Man Walking Down the Street and Other Issues With My Run

Yesterday was one of those runs where a lot of things got me down. Mentally I just wasn't there and it proved to be a difficult morning in India as well. Every day for the last week I'd been waking up naturally at 5:30, but with Mike being out of town I was spending my time enjoying early morning quiet time rather than going running because there was no one to stay with Muffin (and she was miraculously sleeping until nearly 7:00 each morning -- I didn't want to wake her up for a stroller run). Yesterday, though, when the alarm went off at 5:25 I rolled over and fell asleep for half an hour. Not an in-and-out, thinking-of-getting-up sleep, but full-on totally conked out. When I did get out of bed the sun was already up. I quickly pulled on my (stupid) leggings. As I tip-toed past Muffin's room I heard her saying "MOM-ee, MOM-ee," and I ignored it with a twinge of guilt. I had to get out the door before she knew I was awake.

I opened the front door to a wall o…

This Week

This week I posted at What I Eat and I forgot to mention that last week I posted about Muffin's Easter frock at We Sew Retro.

ChiRunning: Running Like Donnie Darko

This is the last morning I'll have free for myself for a few days, but I didn't go running. After running on Sunday and Monday (including Muffin in the jogging stroller on Monday) I decided to rest. I feel like I should have at least done some reading about running, but instead, while I drank my coffee as everyone else slept, I caught up on the overnight Facebook goings-on. Being so many time zones ahead of the United States means that I have a lot of friend activity to read each morning.

I'm reading ChiRunning and I think I can get behind most of the philosophy and the physical changes it requires in running. If it's going to help my knees I'm willing to give it a try. Here's what I visualized, though, every time I start reading: You know that scene in Donnie Darko that shows the energy tube coming out of people's chests, and that's what people follow, that's what pulls them through their actions? That's what ChiRunning is to me. I'm looki…

"Mother" and "Runner" Don't Have to Go Together

This week I read Train Like a Mother. I'm sorry ladies, but the previous book, Run Like a Mother, motivated me to avoid the term "mother runner" as much as I avoid the term "mommy blogger." This book, while motivating me for my running, it still makes me want to be a regular runner, without the "mother" part. Why do I need to be defined as a mother? Sure it's a huge part of my life but it's not the only part. That's why I have hobbies, like running. I get the female bonding and companionship part, and some of the things you just can't talk about with non-runners, non-women, or non-moms. I like some of the online communities and chats and sometimes turn to them for support. But I turn to running to escape from motherhood for a few minutes. I don't necessarily want to be reminded of it every single second of the day.

I'm eyeing the Hyderabad Half Marathon in August, with training starting two days after my 10K in May. I'll p…

Running Rerun

I've been here before.

I signed up for a 10K race in May so I'm in running mode right now. It's a bad time of year to be training outside; if I don't finish my run by 8 o'clock in the morning it's too hot and sunny. Clouds have moved in over the last few afternoons, with thunderstorms far off in some other parts of the city; I'm considering trips to the park during that cloudy time even though my driver advises against it. (It's just a little wind and distant thunder in our neighborhood; it hasn't even rained.) Every once in a while I can use the treadmill at Mike's office, but it's a long drive. I spend more time on the road going back and forth than I do on the treadmill.

I read all the books, articles, and blog posts about moms who run, searching for motivation and for the key to success. A friend and I have surmised that the key is to wake up at a ridiculously early hour to get your run in. (And then hope that caffeine and a quick cat n…