17 April 2012

ChiRunning: Running Like Donnie Darko

This is the last morning I'll have free for myself for a few days, but I didn't go running. After running on Sunday and Monday (including Muffin in the jogging stroller on Monday) I decided to rest. I feel like I should have at least done some reading about running, but instead, while I drank my coffee as everyone else slept, I caught up on the overnight Facebook goings-on. Being so many time zones ahead of the United States means that I have a lot of friend activity to read each morning.

I'm reading ChiRunning and I think I can get behind most of the philosophy and the physical changes it requires in running. If it's going to help my knees I'm willing to give it a try. Here's what I visualized, though, every time I start reading: You know that scene in Donnie Darko that shows the energy tube coming out of people's chests, and that's what people follow, that's what pulls them through their actions? That's what ChiRunning is to me. I'm looking for my Donnie Darko tube.

I've been concentrating on my posture and trying to align my feet. I have a problem, though, in that one of my legs turns in. I turn out one of my feet in order to prevent my knees from knocking together. Aligning my feet brings my knee in. I used to to strength training to correct it and I really don't want to relive those strength-training days. I must turn to the internet to find out if focusing on my posture and alignment will eventually self-correct my knee or if I really do have to strength train. If I have to lift any weights, then I feel gypped by ChiRunning.

Monday was a mother running day combined with a running in India day. Getting Muffin dressed, getting myself dressed, getting Muffin to eat some breakfast, eating a bit myself, brushing Muffin's teeth (and mine, of course), saying "Good-bye" to Daddy as he leaves for work, packing up two water bottles, two pairs of shoes, iPod for the car ride, snacks, hair clips and hair elastics, Garmin, my phone, the stroller... Doing all that on its own isn't so bad, but we were doing it to a ticking clock because the park closes at nine o'clock in the morning so you have to get there early enough to run a decent amount before then.

I have childcare set up for my date with a treadmill tomorrow. And if I'm lucky the air conditioner in the gym will be working; it wasn't last week. Yay India!

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