13 April 2012

"Mother" and "Runner" Don't Have to Go Together

This week I read Train Like a Mother. I'm sorry ladies, but the previous book, Run Like a Mother, motivated me to avoid the term "mother runner" as much as I avoid the term "mommy blogger." This book, while motivating me for my running, it still makes me want to be a regular runner, without the "mother" part. Why do I need to be defined as a mother? Sure it's a huge part of my life but it's not the only part. That's why I have hobbies, like running. I get the female bonding and companionship part, and some of the things you just can't talk about with non-runners, non-women, or non-moms. I like some of the online communities and chats and sometimes turn to them for support. But I turn to running to escape from motherhood for a few minutes. I don't necessarily want to be reminded of it every single second of the day.

I'm eyeing the Hyderabad Half Marathon in August, with training starting two days after my 10K in May. I'll probably use the TLAM training plan because it fits with my lifestyle, goals, and attitudes about running. I found some useful information in the book and downloaded three more books from the recommended reading list for my Kindle (not mom-running books).

But at the end of each day, I either ran or I didn't, and that's life. That's life for all runners.

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Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I read that book too and liked the funny running stories, facts about going commando (I did not realize people did this) and training plans. However, I am not a mother. I AM a runner, and I think you are right...a runner is a runner.


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