25 May 2012

Operation Short Shorts

We are still enjoying our U.S. vacation. We've been in Rhode Island for some time now, where Operation Short Shorts has not been as successful as it was in Palm Beach. Call me acclimated to the Hyderabad weather, because 65 degrees and cloudy has me grabbing my running leggings or my jeans.

The weather has been great for my running times, however. Mike and I ran a 10K road race last Saturday and I finished in 55 minutes. I was hoping for under an hour so I was pleased with that. All my easy running days on my half-marathon training schedule have been less-than-10-minute miles, which is surprising to me because I was struggling to hit that mark in Hyderabad. I'm glad I'm doing the first few weeks of training here, where I can get a good base going and be motivated to continue with it when we return to Hyderabad.

We've been ticking off our list of vacation things mixed with shopping for things we can't get in Hyderabad. Test-driving new jogging strollers, eating gluten-free pizza from real pizza parlors, retail therapy at Target, going to movies. Muffin has been getting a lot of time with grandparents, aunts, and uncles and more family is flying into town this weekend.

The house we are renting doesn't have internet and has 10-channel basic cable, which was charming for about two days. After a week of damp, foggy weather, with a couple days of downpours, staying inside is becoming much less charming. We are getting outside at least once a day, but we are not spending full days at the beach or anything like that. We are spending coffee breaks each morning at the nearby Dunkin Donuts with wi-fi. We are getting a lot of reading done at night after Muffin goes to bed.

At this moment Muffin is taking her first real nap in days; Mike volunteered to stay home while I spend some alone time with a hot chocolate and Google Reader at DD. Some of the most relaxing moments of vacation have been exactly the same as relaxing moments at home.

12 May 2012

On Vacation

Thirty hours of travel is never easy, even without a toddler, but Muffin did the best she could. It was as easy as it could be, under the circumstances.

Falling asleep for the last hour of a nine-hour flight.

We are enjoying the beach and trying to relax in between all the wedding activities of the week.
I can wear shorts outside my house!

Tonight Muffin makes her flower girl debut.
The dress fits! 
More to come, after the wedding craziness is over and we begin the real relaxing.

03 May 2012

Serenity Now!

We've had quite a few "Serenity now!" moments over the last few days but with our summer holiday quickly approaching I think we will survive a few more days of India and toddler care.

Muffin has been waking up ridiculously early and taking short naps. Even though I leave her with our housekeeper for a little while every day so I can get coffee, have a quiet lunch, or do a little shopping, the lack of sleeping is taking its toll on the whole family. She actually slapped me yesterday and Mike this morning and had her first taste of punishment as a result. (Sitting on a chair by herself for a minute. She was miserable.) Muffin also witnessed the cat throwing up for the first time. She yelled out the cat's name and then burst into tears. I almost cried myself, seeing how upset she was over it.

Mike finally got his motorcycle from the mechanic yesterday. After several months it was finally ready enough to drive home. Mike got a call in the afternoon saying it was "Ready," but he later found out it was what he referred to as "Hydera-ready." He went to the shop after work and the bike was not in riding condition yet so he waited for several hours and watched the mechanic do the work. After having missed several bedtimes with Muffin recently, when she woke up early this morning Mike took her outside to see the new bike.
Muffin approves.

I had a great run yesterday morning. I found a three-mile route that I can do from my house. It's hilly but if I go slow it's easy enough and if I go fast it's a hard run. There's a convenient place to add a little extra mileage, too, for when my three-mile easy runs become four-mile easy runs. By the time we return from our vacation the weather should be slightly more bearable, temperature-wise, so it should be a little easier to get up and get out in the mornings. In the mean time, I will be packing running shorts rather than running leggings for our upcoming vacation. Ah, the freedom of running in the West!
Seen on my run yesterday. Remnants of a May Day celebration.