03 May 2012

Serenity Now!

We've had quite a few "Serenity now!" moments over the last few days but with our summer holiday quickly approaching I think we will survive a few more days of India and toddler care.

Muffin has been waking up ridiculously early and taking short naps. Even though I leave her with our housekeeper for a little while every day so I can get coffee, have a quiet lunch, or do a little shopping, the lack of sleeping is taking its toll on the whole family. She actually slapped me yesterday and Mike this morning and had her first taste of punishment as a result. (Sitting on a chair by herself for a minute. She was miserable.) Muffin also witnessed the cat throwing up for the first time. She yelled out the cat's name and then burst into tears. I almost cried myself, seeing how upset she was over it.

Mike finally got his motorcycle from the mechanic yesterday. After several months it was finally ready enough to drive home. Mike got a call in the afternoon saying it was "Ready," but he later found out it was what he referred to as "Hydera-ready." He went to the shop after work and the bike was not in riding condition yet so he waited for several hours and watched the mechanic do the work. After having missed several bedtimes with Muffin recently, when she woke up early this morning Mike took her outside to see the new bike.
Muffin approves.

I had a great run yesterday morning. I found a three-mile route that I can do from my house. It's hilly but if I go slow it's easy enough and if I go fast it's a hard run. There's a convenient place to add a little extra mileage, too, for when my three-mile easy runs become four-mile easy runs. By the time we return from our vacation the weather should be slightly more bearable, temperature-wise, so it should be a little easier to get up and get out in the mornings. In the mean time, I will be packing running shorts rather than running leggings for our upcoming vacation. Ah, the freedom of running in the West!
Seen on my run yesterday. Remnants of a May Day celebration.

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