12 May 2012

On Vacation

Thirty hours of travel is never easy, even without a toddler, but Muffin did the best she could. It was as easy as it could be, under the circumstances.

Falling asleep for the last hour of a nine-hour flight.

We are enjoying the beach and trying to relax in between all the wedding activities of the week.
I can wear shorts outside my house!

Tonight Muffin makes her flower girl debut.
The dress fits! 
More to come, after the wedding craziness is over and we begin the real relaxing.


Anonymous said...

Awww we are all excited about travelling to Sweden at the end of the year but i am already nervous about our 10 hour flight with a toddler.

Love the dress and the glasses!

Stephanie said...

I've found that being nervous doesn't really change the fact that you have to just grit your teeth and do it anyway. She's either going to sleep or she's not and there's not much I can do about it except pack enough books and crayons.