07 August 2012

Hyderabad Highlights and Lowlights

It’s bidding season in the Foreign Service, the time of year when people start to think about where their next assignment is. The FS bloggers are getting together to provide information about their favorite and least-favorite things about their locations. Jill is graciously compiling everyone’s blog posts at The Perlman Update in a couple weeks. I’ve chosen to put together some of my blog posts from our time in Hyderabad. 


1. Yes, there is steak in India.

2. Baby loves motorcycles.

3. Fresh poultry and fresh produce.

4. Holidays! Diwali! Can be a "con" if you don't like fireworks. Holi! Kite Festival!

5. Vacation in India can be great.


1. Vacation in India can be exhausting.

2. The dangers of running outside. And here, too.

3. Mold. This post is from last year and I am frantically trying to stay ahead of the mold this rainy season.

4. Shopping isn't always fun.

5. Getting our cat in was a hassle.

There are a lot of difficulties here and I preferred Burundi, but there are a lot of things about life here that I like. While I wouldn't choose to do another tour in India, I don't have any regrets about being here either. 


David Moon said...

Hey Stephanie, I read your "Getting Our Cat In Was a Hassle" post, and we're planning to bring our dog to Hyderabad. Do you have any advice on getting him ready to go?

Stephanie said...

Most of our trouble was because she came as unaccompanied cargo. If you're traveling with the dog it shouldn't be as much as a hassle, but definitely talk to the GSO and keep calling and emailing to double-double-check the arrangements.

Stephanie said...

Oh, and also checkout the FS Pets Yahoo group. (I'm the moderator!) There's been a change in the USDA office location for flying out of D.C. I think the one in Annapolis has closed so you have to do it through Richmond. The group has been discussing the change.