06 August 2012

Motivation Monday – Ham and Birthday

“Ham on biscuits, ham on toast. Ham is the thing that I like most.” Muffin’s favorite parts of Bread and Jam for Francis are the songs that she sings about jam. Replace “jam” for “ham” and you have our weekend. Between a trip to the Minerva Pork Shop, where the butcher fills Muffin up with so many free samples of ham and salami that I feel obligated to buy some each time we’re there, and Mike bringing home a pack of parma ham from the Swiss Butchery in Singapore, I was feeling like Francis by Sunday afternoon. “I know how a ham jar feels. Full… of… ham.”

And we have a lot of cupcakes coming up later this week. I need to run more.

I DVR’d the women’s marathon on Sunday and was able to watch most of it this morning. Muffin woke up early but Mike got her back to sleep. I was already awake so I got up to drink some coffee and watch the marathon. I can’t believe they ran a whole marathon in less time than it will take me to run half that distance.

I woke up this morning with the nagging feeling that I should be running, but then I remembered that I wanted to be home when Muffin woke up because it's her birthday and we'd put out her presents to surprise her.

Here’s the two-year-old birthday girl:

We’re having a quiet birthday today. She opened presents and requested a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. I don’t feel the need to do anything too elaborate for someone who doesn’t know more elaborate things exist. I'm confident we've done just the right amount of what she can appreciate. She has a notion of what a birthday party is but I don’t know how much she understands about one coming up for her this weekend.

I think a run in the park with Muffin is in order for this afternoon. After we both have ham for lunch and then take naps.


A Daring Adventure said...

She is getting so big! SO BIG!!!

I remember way, wayyyyyy before you were even pregnant with her. Doesn't time fly?

I'm sure the cupcakes will be gorgeous. :)

Happy Birthday, Muffin!!

Natasha said...

Happy birthday to Muffin! She shares my husband's birthday. Speaking of husbands, it sounds like yours was able to get his flight home after all -- glad to hear!

I also DVRd the women's marathon and haven't watched it yet. We'll see if I can convince my husband to dedicate part of his birthday evening to watching it (unlikely -- haha).


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