28 January 2013

Motivation Monday: Sleeping In Edition

Ha, I wish that was me these days.

I've been having so much trouble getting out of bed but my schedule is such that I'm getting treadmill runs and yoga sessions in later in the afternoon. And on the weekends we go out for runs as a family a little later in the morning. This is not how I envision myself as a runner. But I'm getting some miles in so I guess this is how it needs to be right now.

I'm signed up for two 5Ks in February but we might go away for a long weekend and skip one of them. I'm keeping my Providence half marathon in mind every time I hit the treadmill. I'm working on that base mileage, slowly but surely.

And I do mean "slowly" some days; we did over a mile at Muffin's pace on Sunday before she acquiesced to riding in the stroller. She did a sixteen-minute mile, but it took her over thirty minutes to run that mile. Lots of stops to play with dirt, drink water, and take her shoes off and put them back on.

A friend from my high school cross-country team invited me to join his Tough Mudder team in August. It sounds like fun but I don't know what the timing will be like with our arrival in the U.S. I'm keeping it in the back of my mind though, for once we know our schedule.

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Suz and Allan said...

Sorry your schedule has been so hectic. Is everyone feeling better now?