03 February 2013

Motivation Monday: Playlist Edition

Mike sent me this in reference to Muffin's
being in school some day. This is the closest
anyone will ever come to knowing what's on
my playlist. Original source unknown.
I'm going to come right out and say it and what few fans I have may decide to drop me. I don't care what's on anyone else's playlist. I'm actually embarrassed to read about other people's playlists. People that I enjoy reading and that I admire as runners, I completely glaze over and skip the parts about how great certain songs are. It sounds goofy and all it shows me is that runners who like to talk about their playlists listen a lot of Top 40 music, which isn't really my cup of tea. It doesn't inspire me at all. A runner's playlist should be personal.

While we're on the subject of music, please think long and hard before listening to it while running on the road. It's a distraction from your surroundings and it's a clear signal to the bad guys that you have something worth stealing.

I was motivated by last week's MM post to set my alarm for 5:15 for one morning. That morning Muffin woke up about ten minutes before then. She had a valid reason -- she wanted help using the toilet and that's a huge milestone for her -- but by the time I got through helping her I went straight for the coffee rather than my running shoes. I spent my afternoon on a treadmill rather than taking the nap I'd dreamt of taking when I first set the alarm for so early.

This week I'm starting another course for my master's degree and I think I'm having a root canal on Thursday. But I will squeeze in a couple runs and one yoga session. We're signed up for a 5K on Sunday.


Robyn said...

ha-where as i love seeing playlists of runners-and search the net for new ideas for songs to add to my shuffle.anything to keep you going

Anne said...

I admit, I love sharing my playlists with others, as I've discovered many awesome songs from other people, but it is definitely a personal thing. I have somewhat unique tastes in music, and I'm sure there aren't many people who get pumped up by listening to Smack My B**** Up or F*** The Pain Away (two of my go to songs when I need a boost).