17 March 2013

Progress on the Auto-Rickshaw Bed

The last time I wrote about our auto, it looked like this: We Bought an Auto-Rickshaw Today. A day or two after we bought it we brought Muffin over to see it. They'd moved it to the metal shop and taken the canopy off but hadn't done any other work to it. Muffin was in love:

Today we went back to the metal shop to check on the progress. They've taken out the seats and the engine and they've lengthened the body by about six inches to accommodate an American twin-size mattress. They've started patching and welding the rust spots.

We're impressed with the progress so far. Mike and the other guys discussed exactly where it needs to come apart into pieces so we can get it into the house. I started to have a sinking feeling that after all this work we won't get it up a flight of stairs and through the door. But Mike is confident it will be done. Having it come apart will also be extremely useful for packing it up and moving.

Now there is a lot of cleaning and rust repair to do before they paint it.

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