18 March 2013

Log Off and Go Do Something

Image from Pinterest.
I've been on a somewhat forced exile from Facebook and other things online due to the summertime power cuts in Hyderabad. The internet company doesn't have as good a generator for their servers as we have at our house so once the scheduled power cuts kick in for the day, the internet goes out even though we still have electricity.

I've been doing a lot of offline writing. (It's been frustrating because I'm the administrator at Hardship Homemaking this month. I'm frantically uploading and scheduling posts when connected internet coincides with a sleeping Muffin.)

I've been doing a lot of sewing, working on Muffin's summer wardrobe. I've given up on making her take off the long pants for school but I absolutely must hide away the flannel pajamas. After I've made her some summer pajamas.

I've been running and doing yoga. Not quite as much as I'd like to, but enough so that I feel reasonably happy and healthy without feeling guilty about leaving Muffin at home. She loves playing Legos and Play-Doh and all sorts of other things with her baby-sitter; she doesn't miss me. Muffin's school starts summer holiday in a couple weeks and I have to find activities for her to keep both of us sane. We can only go to the park so many times.

Base mileage, base mileage, base mileage. Every step counts for something. But this morning my steps took me to the coffee maker instead of out the door in my running shoes.


Suz and Allan said...

It's so nice to be unplugged from time to time.

David Moon said...

Ha ha! That's a nice way to look at it Suz and Allan. Good luck with the internet for the rest of summer Stephanie.

By the way, I had a great time running with Mike the other day. You guys have some nice trails near your place.