08 April 2013

Blogging Eventually Comes Down to Posting Cat Photos

This is Grendel. He was a twenty-pound Norwegian forest cat. He was the most lovable slug there ever was. He's no longer with us; he passed away in Africa. But I'm posting his photos for  Motivation Monday because I've been feeling like a slug myself lately. I think sluggishness looks better on Grendel than it does on me.

Mike was out of town last week and as I was single-parenting I binged on coffee, carbs, and sugar (see previous post), giving me just enough energy to muddle through the day and then collapse after Muffin went to bed. Starting over again each morning at 5:30. I walked one mile and went to yoga once. And considered myself successful.

As I'm typing this it's Sunday evening and I'm enjoying a glass of wine after a long week. This week has to be different though. I don't feel healthy. I know that all I need is a tweak of my diet, a few miles, and a little more yoga and I'll feel better. It should be so easy, but it's not.


I started this post last night. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 9:00. I realized my wine was giving me a headache more than it was making me feel relaxed so I threw the last few sips down the sink and got a glass of water. I shut down the computer and went to bed to read for a bit, thinking a good night's sleep would be a nice way to start the week. I slept terribly though and was crabby when I woke up this morning.

The little decisions that you make every day to stay healthy are difficult when you're tired, but I'm making them this morning. One cup of coffee, yes. Biscotti, no. Cereal with banana slices, yes. Glass of water, yes. Second cup of coffee, no. Banana-pineapple smoothie, yes. One step and one decision at a time.

There's a Color Me Rad race the day before my half marathon. I really want to do it as a relaxing fun run but some people have told me it's a crazy idea. I'm trying to decide soon, before the registration fee raises another five dollars. Any thoughts? 


Victoria Mason said...

Oh holy hell this was me last week. I was so healthy the week before and felt fantastic. Then I just went a bit crazy with drinks, carbs and sugar and paid for it all last week. Yuck. I'm solo parenting this week too and I'm determined to work out and eat right to stay on task and be in a good mood for myself and the girls. So far running Sunday, weight/cardio on Monday, Yoga on Tuesday. LET'S KEEP IT UP! :)

David Moon said...

Color Me Rad!? That looks like Holy in the States. You could have just run through the streets here in Hyderabad :-) You got my hopes up that those races were local.

If you're not too concerned with your time for the half, I say run them both. I tend to run better the day after a moderate effort anyway. Good luck, and I'm so jealous that you're talking about running races in the States already!

David Moon said...
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