16 April 2013

"No Stopping Monday"

Image from Centers and Squares.
I wasn't in the mood to write a Motivation Monday post this week because not much has changed since last week, quite honestly. But then on Tuesday morning, while it was still Monday in the United States, I woke up to the news of the bombing attack at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Mike had the news on his Blackberry and told me as soon as I woke up. I forgot about getting Muffin out of bed and headed straight to the tv to watch the news for a few minutes. I couldn't believe it.

If there's one bit of light in this senseless, cowardly act, it's that so many people rushed to the scene to help. Doctors and police officers who had just crossed the finish line as racers became first responders. The EMTs on scene to help injured and sick runners turned to treat trauma victims. I heard that agents from Mike's agency's Boston office showed up as first responders as well. Untrained spectators and runners just wanting to help ran in to carry others to safety and offer as much comfort as possible. Everyone dropped everything to help. Because that's what we do.

I have my Boston t-shirt on for heading out to the treadmill this afternoon.


Terrye said...

Such a senseless act by a coward. I agree with you; the acts of selflessness by others to help the injured is heroism in it's purest form.

Suz and Allan said...

It's so heartbreaking and so hard to comprehend.

Victoria Mason said...

I just get really sad each time I think about it. It's cowardly, heartbreaking and I'm so glad they announced that they will have the marathon again next year. Of course they will!

Anonymous said...

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