03 April 2013

Mommy Fueled by Coffee

This was Muffin at eight o'clock this morning. She wanted to water plants but we don't have any plants in the house. (I love plants but hate the upkeep, especially with a cat who eats them and a kid who sticks her fingers in dirt at every opportunity.) She found some melon seeds that our housekeeper left out to dry and the stash of empty egg cartons that I keep for just such situations and did some planting. I know I should go the extra step and get her some dirt. But, eight o'clock in the morning. Maybe I'll have the energy for dirt later.

We don't leave for school until close to 8:45. She woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 5:30. By six she was dressed for school and had her spoon and bowl out, ready for cereal. I was sprawled out on her bedroom floor half asleep. We had a terrible thunder storm last night, which thankfully Muffin slept through. I did not. The cat did not sleep, either. At the beginning of the storm she was at my feet, chirping nervously whenever there was a clap of thunder. By the end of the storm she'd inched her way up and was pretty much on top of my head. It was nearly midnight by the time the storm was over and I fell asleep. Then Muffin woke up crying at 1:15. It was a quick pat-on-the-back, kiss-on-the-head, and then back to sleep for her but it took me a while to fall asleep again. And then the Muffin Alarm went off at 5:30.

I planned on being much more productive while she was at school today but I ended up drinking coffee and staring off into space. 

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