31 March 2013

How Do You Paint an Auto-Rickshaw?

"I want yellow paint and pink paint and blue paint and brown paint," is what Muffin says when asked how she wants her auto-rickshaw to be painted. We have to be a little more specific than that when we talk to the painters so this morning we took photos of some designs we like.

We're going with a classic yellow auto with a black roof. I like pink flowers under the windscreen:

We like the stripes on the back and sides:

I like the flowers on this "4-in-all" logo:

We like the "For Hire" font but we're thinking of having it say "Private" instead:

I like the bajaj logo and the stripes that came on our auto:

And we like this little light panel. We'll have toggle switches installed, some of which will control the headlamp and turn signals and some that will simply light up the buttons on the panel.

We have a lot to discuss with the painters. Most of the work is decals but we'd like to have the designs hand-painted on instead, for more permanence.

And of course, the obligatory shot of Muffin driving an auto. The drivers were so curious as to why we were taking so many photos. As thanks, we had to take some of them with Muffin.

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David Moon said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see how the Tuk-Tuk bed turns out!

Ash said...

This is an amazing idea and work in progress.
I am new in Hyderabad and since you have been here since a while do you happen to know where do we get arts and crafts stuff like back home? It is getting impossible for me to find stuff like chains, buckles, art balls, paints etc. for my arts workshop to be launching soon.

Ash said...

I am waiting, would be great help! Thanks in advance.

Katie said...

It's going to look so bright and beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished auto-bed! :)