22 April 2013

Running, Writing, and Moving

Image from Pinterest.
I don’t really have time for any new projects but I’ve been bitten by the writing bug. Since it’s been so long since this has happened I feel I need to indulge it for a while. I’m working on a book about Burundi. I’m leaning toward nonfiction about our time there but it may end up as fiction based on my experiences. It’s cathartic getting everything out of my head and on “paper.” Reading all my old blog posts and flipping through the books I read before we moved there has brought up a lot of memories, good and bad.

Last week I flew through two 5K runs before my yoga classes. I can get a lot of writing done in my head when I’m zoning out on the treadmill. During our times of internet connection I’m working on our cat’s transportation back to the United States, our up-coming summer holiday trip, and myriad other preparations for our last few months here and our first few in the United States. When the internet isn’t working, I write.

We are getting into that crazed time that happens with every move. Today when I dropped Muffin off at her summer classes, they informed me that her music enrollment is up. I told them the date we’re leaving and they said, “Great, you can do the twelve-week program.” Twelve weeks. I’m not ready to have only three months left.

I kind of want to run outside tomorrow instead of on the treadmill. I should set the alarm now for zero-dark-thirty.


Suz and Allan said...

Good luck with the book!

Victoria Mason said...

Excited about the book! I've been thinking a lot about the one I shelved years back and re-visiting it.

12 weeks! well, I'm biased but really getting excited!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Suz and Allan!

Vicky, I'm pretty excited too, except when I'm too busy to think about it. There's so much to do!