11 September 2013

One Week Later

What a difference a week can make. Last Wednesday, Muffin had had a terrible first day of school on Tuesday. She had Wednesday off and I was filled with dread about Thursday and Friday. She did a successful half-day on Thursday but when I tried to drop her off on Friday she clung to me like we were glued together. For an hour I stayed in the classroom, cajoling her to let go of me and go play. Eventually we left and I told her she had to endure a boring day with me with no complaint and with no Dunkin' Donuts and no television. By the end of the day, as my Facebook status noted that afternoon, if she'd ever seen Arrested Development she'd have been saying, "I've made a huge mistake." I stuck firm to my promise of not being able to play with her because I had work to do. She had to entertain herself and at first she met my challenge with cheerful exuberance but quickly bored when she saw I wasn't going to give in. She spent the better part of an hour screaming at me while I tried to ignore her because I was "working." I wasn't really working. Who could with all that screaming? But I had my laptop open and was determined not to play with her.

I was feeling pretty hopeless and was dreading school again on Monday. I emailed her teacher on Sunday asking for a little more help in getting Muffin involved in activities right away to get her engaged.

Between Muffin remembering Friday afternoon and her teacher's engagement, so far this week she's been going willingly. This morning I didn't even have to sneak out while she was busy; she said, "Bye!" and turned her back on me.

I feel so relieved. And I've gotten so much done this week. I've gone running. The house is coming together. We have our new carpeting so I've been able to unpack the bedrooms. I've been doing paid work, which I haven't done in a long time. I like it so much, I've accepted more! Working and getting paid is so nice. I'm keeping my promise to Muffin, though, that I'm not going to do any work while she's at home. She goes to school and I do my work and then we play together in the afternoons and evenings.

Also, we've had some awesome weather with lots of outside time. That helps a lot. And Mike and I got together over the weekend, leaving Muffin with Grandma for an overnight. That helped a lot too.


Lynne said...

I am so glad to hear things are coming together! If it's any consolation, my son's preschool teacher has to hold him while I leave because he will cling and not let me go. Good luck and positive thoughts that everything else continues to move along smoothly.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Lynne! I know Muffin's not the only kid who doesn't want Mommy to leave, but she loved her old school so much it was heartbreaking to see how much trouble she was having at her new one.

Marsha said...

Glad to hear your good news,and very happy to hear your overnight was helpful! Marsha

Lynne said...

Stephanie, I completely understand. It is completely heartbreaking when our children have a difficult transition. Is she still on the positive note today?