03 September 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays

I know it's Tuesday, but with school starting today it feels like Monday. (This is the first set I ever made on Polyvore, four years ago! It has very little to do with my post; I just like it.)

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's the second rainy, dark day in a row. Yesterday there was too much thunder and lightning to go outside and play but I'm hoping to get Muffin outside today (although I just heard thunder, so maybe not). I'm too tired to fight with her right now about turning off the television. We're both tired of coloring, Play-Doh, Legos, and unpacking and we don't have our full repertoire of toys and activities. And I can't fully unpack the bedrooms yet anyway (see below).

We had a rough morning at the first day of school and we both need a little quiet alone time. She doesn't seem to understand that I need to work while she's at school, so I can't stay there with her all day to play. Today was supposed to be my day to start working and running regularly again and it didn't happen and I'm a little grouchy about it. Tomorrow there's no school and I'm not optimistic about Thursday and Friday going my way, either.

We moved into the new condo last week, warily. Some parts of the carpet smelled brand-new while others still seemed a bit off, but I was tired of not being in a real home and I think all my moving helpers were tired of loading and unloading my stuff, so we moved in. Then, after a couple days of rain when I had to close the windows for long periods, causing some stuffiness, I realized that not all the carpeting had been replaced. They'd only done the stairs and the hallway, not the bedrooms. The bedrooms still have a funk, not to mention the carpet looks older and has sort of sticky feel when I walk on it barefoot. They're coming back on Thursday to do the bedroom carpets so what little furniture and other belongings we have in them I have to move out.

We had a nice weekend with Mike home, though! Lots of playground time for him and Muffin. We used our "welcome to the neighborhood" coupon from Lowe's to buy a grill and patio furniture during the end-of-season sale. Mike ate home-cooked food while I started to feel at home in our new kitchen.

The next few days are going to continue being rough. But I'm trying to remain positive that over the course of a few weeks things will smooth over. She'll get used to school. The carpets and a couple other maintenance issues will be fixed. Mike will be home for a long vacation. I may even be able to run that half marathon at a slow-but-sure pace and then set my sights on a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Run.

I'm not even asking the rain to stop and let out the sun. I'd just like the thunder and lightning to stop so Muffin can go outside in her new raincoat and rain boots.

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