05 February 2008

Happy Super Tuesday

Go out and vote today! Even if polls are overwhelming in one side or another in your state, go out and vote anyway. Show your candidate your support.

Super Tuesday leads to presidents... presidents lead to presidential portraits... portraits lead to the National Portrait Gallery. On Saturday, Mike and I made a Heroes pilgrimage to the gallery to see a piece of the Colbert Nation in real life.

A couple weeks ago, Stephen Colbert began a quest to get his portrait hung at one of the Smithsonian museums, since he considers himself an important part of American history.

If you don't want to watch the whole video, the happy ending is that the National Portrait Gallery agreed! Colbert's portrait hangs outside of the second floor restrooms, next to the hall of presidential portraits.

Stephen Colbert Portrait

You too can visit the portrait for a limited time, and then add your photo to the NPG's flickr page.

To make a day of it, pack a lunch or buy a snack at the cafe there and eat it in the gorgeous atrium. It was so pleasant to sit in the warm sunshine on a cold day. The Spy Museum is nearby and so is Ford's Theater. Chinatown and its awesome restaurants are also a short walk away. The NPG has free admission, so you'll have a few bucks in your pocket for a treat. The Gallery Place Metro stop drops you off right there. We didn't want to transfer so got off at Metro Center and walked about five blocks.

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Vicky said...

LOVE IT! We were just there in September. I love the Atrium. We'll have to go back!


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