22 June 2010

I guess I'll be reading a lot this summer

I moved from my hotel into our summer house on Sunday. It's a great little house. Clean and open. Big yard. Tree-lined street. One mile from the beach. Not really my taste in decor, but that's what you get with furnished rentals. The internet's a little wonky and the most basic cable doesn't come in regularly. However, the wireless feature for my Kindle works and there are plenty of places to sit quietly and read.

All those baby books are starting to feel like homework. I swear I'll get to that Labor and Delivery chapter of What to Expect as soon as I finish Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.


Bfiles said...

welcome back to the States! Your summer home sounds nice...when is baby due?

Stephanie said...

Baby's due first week in August. Had my first appt. yesterday with the doctor/birthing center where I'll be going.

Jill said...

Best of luck to you in your new home... enjoy!


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