08 February 2011

The Urban, Wild, Farm Animals

One of my criteria for choosing a country to live in is the number of cows or other livestock that wander the streets. The more, the better! I love looking outside to see a cow walking through our upscale, suburban neighborhood. On Saturday morning I heard mooing and I grabbed Muffin to go out and look for the cow. She was hidden by some leaves at first -- our terrace is one floor up from street level -- but Mike managed to get a couple shots of her.

Roadside cows, pigs, and goats charmed me throughout our time in Burundi and I haven't tired of them here, either. I love that I can share them with Muffin now, too. I saw a gorgeous chicken the other day, the nicest I've seen here, and if we had a yard I would have scooped her up and brought her home.

Muffin needs more animal friends to play with.


Nicol said...

I know that my children would love to see farm animals roaming around. :)

Sadie said...

love it! I too rate highly a place with livestock and/or wildlife in the streets :-). in KSA, both are virtually nonexistent, with the occasional feral cat and sometimes camels on the outskirts of town. this will be a factor come bidding season...


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