28 March 2013

Happy Spring Holidays!

It's a holiday week here in Hyderabad. I'm more of a spring equinox person than an Easter person, but, you know, if someone invites us to a good party, we'll show up.

Last weekend, Muffin went to an Easter Egg Hunt party.

She's so sweet, she still thinks the fun is simply in finding the eggs. She never realized they were full of candy. After the hunt was finished, the kids got a bag of jelly beans and some chocolate ice cream, and she was satisfied with that. It never occurred to her to open the eggs. I emptied all the chocolate out later when she was sleeping. Since the party her favorite game around the house has been Easter Egg Hunt. I can't count how many times we've played now.

I made her dress from a 1960s-era vintage pattern.

From the clean and angelic to the devilishly cute and messy...

Yesterday was Holi. Muffin's first little friend ever is moving away from Hyderabad this week. Her mom invited Muffin over for the neighborhood Holi party so the girls could have a memorable last play date.

Happy Holidays, whatever you're celebrating this week!


Anonymous said...

That pattern is so awesome and she looks adorable in it!

Suz and Allan said...

Her little dress is so cute! You did a wonderful job. Hunting eggs was one of my favorite games to play with my sister. If my mom hadn't taken our baskets and eggs away we would have played year round!